The Monte Festa Fort is one of the most important military works related to the Great War in Friuli Venezia Giulia. At 980 meters s.l.m. you begin to see the first remains of the complex: the ruins of some barracks, storehouses, stables and the lodgings of the soldiers.
Beyond these, the road continues to the top with two batteries, elevators and warehouses for ammunition. You can also visit other galleries and shelters before reaching the square summit which dominates the Val Fella, the city of Tolmezzo and the entire Valley of the Lake.

As part of the defense system of the "Alto Tagliamento-Val Fella", was built in 1910 and is remembered for the historic defense of Mount Festa where, commanded by Captain Riccardo Noël Winderling, 200 soldiers were able to stop for a week the invasion of the German and Austrian imperial soldiers who had broken through at Caporetto

Visit the fort of Monte Festa

In the center of Cavazzo Carnico has been created a point of tourist accommodation which houses a permanent exhibition on the fort of Monte Festa and the events that made him famous. The exhibition, open Saturday and Sunday by appointment, is the ideal spot to start your exploration of the fort and offers: a photographic story, various memorabilia and software for virtual walk. Is possible to reach the fort, off-road, or alone via the two trekking routes that starts one from the town of Mena, crossing by the bridge of the highway, and the other from the Interneppo’s gap.
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Tourist resources

We coined the phrase "Cavazzo Carnico a Place to visit" because we feel this is a common that offers visitors many opportunities for sports and leisure activities outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, cycling and free climbing, from gliding to boating on the lake, from the simple walk to the path cultural, historical or natural. All this, complemented by an adequate gastronomic offer.
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The airport of Cavazzo

Made during the First World War, in the wide campaign of Cavazzo Carnico, was the largest airport of the Carnia and hosted several axes of the italian aeronautic, such as Francesco Baracca, Fulco Ruffo di Calabria and Guido Keller. It was used until 1917 to ensure the defense of the skies of the Zone Carnia.
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  • Gruppo bersaglieri Bologna Agosto 2013

    Abbiamo visitato il forte dove i nostri soldati hano combattuto, è stata una visita emozionante, si sente ancora il respiro di quegli uomini.
    Fatti una foto sulla cima, le terremo per ricordo.


    The permanent exhibition on the fort of Monte Festa is managed by the "Amici della fortezza di Osoppo"


  • Sabato 24 gennaio 2015
    Apertura mostra dalle 15.00 alle 18.00